Planning Study Request

  • Your study requires consultant support
  • Your study will be funded by Unit or Central funds
  • The study relates to the use of existing campus space
  • The study will assist in business case development, justification or planning efforts for a capital construction or renovation project
  • Example submissions include
    • Feasibility studies for a construction project
    • ROI studies for revenue generating facilities
    • Cost estimations for capital projects
    • Renderings or program planning studies for capital projects

Capital Project Request

  • Your project is >$3M
  • You don’t have funding or a funding strategy for the project
  • Your project requires planning support from the CS&P team to develop the scope or cost of the project

  • Example submissions include

    • New buildings
    • Renovation of existing buildings
    • Additions to existing buildings
    • Buildout of shell space

Facilities Project Request

  • Your project is < $3M
  • You have funding presently available to manage all project expenses
  • The project would be appropriate for Mason’s Major Maintenance and Repair funding to maintain an existing building
  • The project is ready for implementation through Facilities

  • Example submissions include
    • Repairs or deferred maintenance resulting from normal wear and tear
    • Renovation of a laboratory