Space Committees

Space Committees

Space requests are evaluated and approved by committee based on the nature of the request.  The Space Administration Committee (SAC) and the Space Working Group (SWG) have approval authority based on the scope of the request.  Subcommittees include subject matter experts and space liaisons and provide recommendations to the SWG and SAC.

Space Administration Committee Space Working Group Academic Space Planning Subcommittee Research Space Subcommittee Public Space Subcommittee

  Committee Charge 

Space Administration Committee (SAC)

Master Planning
  • Determine implementation strategies for and modifications to Mason’s Master Plan
  • Contribute to the development and prioritization of the 6-Year Capital Plan for submission to BOV and the Commonwealth for approval
Major Space Assignment/Reallocation
  • Approve Change of Use plans involving modification of the original funded/approved space use or function (e.g. repurpose dining space for academic/administrative use)
  • Approve space assignments involving:
  • 3,000+ ASF
  • 10 or more individual spaces
  • $1M or more in renovation or other budget expense
  • Third party Space Use Agreements
Space Policies/Guidelines
  • Review and approve proposed new guidelines or space use models
  • Provide Leadership Team support in development and review of major space planning studies

Space Working Group (SWG)

  • Approve space assignments below thresholds requiring SAC approval 
  • Provide Steering Committee support in development and review of major space planning studies 
  • Collaborate with Mason stakeholders and space subcommittees to develop and review alternatives in response to space requests 
  • Collaborate with Mason stakeholders and space subcommittees to develop space policies and guidelines for SAC approval 


  • Academic Space Planning Subcommittee – Renate Guilford, VP for Academic Administration, Office of the Provost (Chair) 
  • Research Space Subcommittee – Andre Marshall, VP for Research, Innovation, and Economic Impact, Office of Research, Innovation, and Economic Impact (Chair) 
  • Public Space Subcommittee – Alex Iszard, AVP of Planning, Design and Construction (Chair) 
ASPS and RSS meet monthly, and PSS meets on an ad hoc basis. 

 Committee Membership


Co-Chair – Carol Kissal – SVP, Finance/Admin 
Co-Chair – Mark Ginsberg – Provost/Exec VP 
Alex Iszard – AVP, Facilities PD&C 
Andre Marshall – VP, Research/Innovation & Economic Impact 
David Burge – VP, Enrollment Management
Deb Dickenson – VP, Finance 
Frank Strike – VP, Facilities 
Kevin Borek – VP/CIO, Information Technology Svcs 
René Stewart O’Neal – AVP, Strategic Planning & Budget 
Rose Pascarell – VP, Univ Life 
Tobi Walsh – AVP, Capital Strategy & Planning 
Patrick McCavitt – Interim AVP, Business Svcs 
Staffed by: Arletrice Green, Senior Space Manager 


Chair – Tobi Walsh – AVP Capital Strategy & Planning 
Andre Kinney – Director, Real Estate – FFX & Sci/Tech 
Andre Marshall – VP, Research Innovation & Economic Impact 
Charlie Spann – AVP/Deputy CIO, ITS 
Pam Patterson – AVP, University Life (or designated UL rep)
Sharon Heinle – AVP and Controller, Fiscal Services 
Patrick McCavitt – Dir, Bus/Fnan, Business Svcs (or designated rep) 
Renate Guilford – Assoc Prov, Acad Admin 
Ron Carmichael – Dir, Admin/Ops-Sci/Tech 
Samuel Frye – Faculty Senate Capital Planning Rep 
Charles Toothman – Exec Dir, Budget, Planning & Strategic Analysis 
Steve Morehouse – Exec Dir, Student Centers
Tobi Walsh – AVP, Capital Strategy & Planning 
Una Murphy – Dir, Admin/Ops-ARL/Loudoun 
Dan Fisher, Associate Dir, Decision Support
Arletrice Green – Senior Space Manager 

Academic Space Planning Subcommittee

Chair – Renate Guilford, Assoc Prov, Acad Admin

Martin Ford – Senior Assoc Dean, CEHD
Lisa Joyner – Exec Dir Fin/Admin, CHSS
Jill Bowen – Curr & Space Mgr, CHSS
Carrie McVicker – Assoc Dir, FacOps, COS
Julie Thompson – Exec Dir, CVPA
Julie Shedd – Assoc Dean, CSPCR
Alison Price – Sr Assoc Dean, ASLS
Diane Spence – Exec Dir, CBO, SBUS
Chris Anclien – Dir, HR & Plan, SCHAR
Joyce Rose – Operations Mgr, CEC
Jan Allbeck – Assoc Dean, HNRS
Tobi Walsh – AVP, CS&P
Arletrice Green – Senior Space Mgr, CS&P

Research Space Subcommittee

Chair – Andre Marshall, VP Research & Economic Impact

Natalie Davis- RI Specialist, RI&EI
Tobi Walsh – AVP, CS&P
Members & Guest
Joyce Rose – Operations Mgr, CEC
Saleet Jafri- Dir, Biology
Pat Gillevet- Prof/Dir, Biology
Kamalijeet Sanghera – Exec Dir, (IDIA)
Rebecca Hartley- AVP, ORIA
Michele Schwietz – Asso Dean, CHSS
Carrie McVicker – Assoc Dir, F Ops, COS
Paul C Didier- Dir, EHS
Rosemary Higgins – Sr Assoc Dean/Interim Chair, CHHS
Rebekah Hersch – AVP R&II
Arthur Pyster – Assoc Dea, VSE
Michael Laskofski- AVP of Research Serv
Lisa Wilson Durant – Assoc Dean, CEC
Jayshree Sarma – Dir, RCRDI&I

Public Space Subcommittee

Chair – Alex Iszard –  AVP, Planning/Design/Construction