Space Liaison

The space liaison is responsible for coordinating with the Space Management office for various components of the overall space management process. Each unit is responsible for the effective management of its assigned space resources to assure maximum utilization of the unit’s allocated space. Unit space liaisons are responsible for the following coordination items:

  • Review unit assigned spaces and provide timely updates for space data and occupancy changes so that the information in the space database is accurate. Space allocation data is used for unit and University planning purposes, space needs analysis studies, emergency response coordination, and budget cost allocation processes, so it’s essential to keep space assignment/occupancy information up-to-date.
  • Review opportunities for reallocation of unit assigned space to meet new space needs, or submit new space requests if additional space is required.
  • Provide coordination for periodic research space functionalization surveys (academic units only) to support the Facilities & Administrative (F&A) rate negotiation cycle.
  • Submit project requests to Facilities for renovations/improvements or other updates to unit assigned space, and provide a point of contact coordination for Facilities throughout the project.

This user guide provides information about the space data update process and training material for accessing and using the space inventory database to view floor plans, pull unit-assigned space data reports, and coordinate updates to space data.