Guest Access

Each training guide is broken into modules designed to support a variety of users. The guide covers the basics of each topic or activity and includes useful material. When the user logs in, they are immediately presented with a view allowing them access to the space management functions. 

This module allows building/floor drawings to be viewed via their online web portal, and all room information is available  The system allows for on-demand reporting to pull space information by building, division, department, categories, and type.

 Space Database Matrix for Guest Signing In as Guest:

Space Inventory & Performance  
 Background Data 
  View Sites
  View Buildings
  View Floors
  View Executive
  View Divisions
  View Departments
 Room Inventory 
 View Rooms by: Category and Type
 View Room Categories and Types by: … Building
  View Room Categories and Types by: … Floor
  View Room Categories and Types by: … Division
  View Room Categories and Types by: … Department
  View Departments by: 
  View Departments by: … All Departments
  View Departments by:–… Building
  View Departments by:–… Floor
  View Departments by: … Departments per Floor
  Highlight Rooms by: 
  Highlight Rooms by: … Department per Floor
  Highlight Rooms by:–… Department
  Highlight Rooms by:-… Category and Type
  Highlight Rooms by:-… Architectural per Floor
  Highlight Rooms by:-… Fire Rated Walls per Floor
  View Rooms